800MEDIC Enterprise Healthcare Information Software

About 800MEDIC

800MEDIC is a well known enterprise management software for specialty-driven Clinic/Hospital Management and EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records).

It is a field proven system for excessive demands. It’s inbuilt flexibility helps you to configure it to serve your workflow requirements quickly
Through the 16 years of experience in development and implementation in 100’s of client sites, the team behind it, understands the unique requirements and challenges that physicians and practices face and have found solution to address them.

800MEDIC provides all tools required to manage various dimensions of your organization in an ethical manner adhering to medico legal standards and managing the practice as a business.

Operational Features

  • 800MEDIC Enterprise Healthcare Management System is configured to fit your specific needs and optimized to meet your objectives.
  • The access of information and it’s control helps you to make quicker decisions and run your enterprise as you wish.
  • The system is continuously fine tuned to make the functionality and experience of 800MEDIC, exceptional, robust and reliable for its users.
  • The productivity of 800MEDIC users, increases exponentially and also gives their patients an assurance of the quality of service.
  • 800MEDIC also enables our clients to adapt and integrate the latest technologies in their practices and leverage their benefits.
  • Reduce patient encounter time, improve patient care and reduce charting times
  • Improve communications and speed up workflow with paperless documentation
  • Speed up patient flow, reduce denials and improve overall revenue
  • Benefit from custom reporting tools that analyze your practice’s patterns for pay-for-performance, meaningful use requirements, quality measurements and business analysis
  • Optimal encounter coding to improve billing and payouts
  • Improve patient care with automated health & wellness maintenance reminders
  • Integrated custom lab interfaces to electronically submit lab orders to various labs connected to you.

Scalable: Grow with 800MEDIC

800MEDIC is an affordable and highly scalable software for Small to Enterprise Practices. It therefore helps you to grow faster by scaling up business infrastructure and introducing newer concepts and support functions. It can all be done either on the fly or extremely fast.
It can adapt to any desired workflow and structure. Solo doctor, multi-specialty, multi department, multi counter, multi branch etc etc.

Modular: Buy as you need

It can be deployed on module basis as and when required. Functional Modules

  • OPD
  • IPD
  • Emergency
  • Medical Records Dept
  • Radiology
  • Laboratory
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Inventory
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Enquiry / Leads Management System
  • CRM etc
  • Web Interface
  • Patient Portal
  • Apps (Coming soon !)

Ready to Use

This out of the box system gets up and running quickly helping you to start getting the benefits of your investment right from the start. It’s implementation and adaption is very fast. It is ready to use with all codes (ICD, CPT, Drugs, HCPCS, DRG etc, specialty templates, messaging protocols (HL7) etc. It becomes productive within no time.The return on investment is quick.

Longevity (Continued Returns on Investment)

It’s technologically very advanced hence and system life is very long. It has long technological life, before it may be rendered redundant. It is built using the latest technologies and is platform independent. It pays for your investment many times over.

Interoperability & Standards

It complies with all known medical HER/EMR and medico legal requirements. 800MEDIC has been inspected for security, privacy, interoperability and comprehensive functionality and it meets or exceeds any standards applicable to on premise or cloud based EHR technology.


800MEDIC is extensively proven in the field. There are 800MEDIC clients who have 1000’s of users logging in concurrently.
Its being used by 100’s of medical establishments in all scenarios, now for more than 15 yrs and functions efficiently in the toughest of the working environments.

Affordable & Reduces Deployment Costs

In it’s class, it is one of the most affordable EHR Software. It comes in two deployment configurations:
1. On Premise
2. Web based SaaS

On Premise : On Premise deployment is a choice for large healthcare providers who want complete control on the application , database and the way they want it to adapt to their working. Client-server based EMR systems result in significant up-front installation fees. Small and mid-size practices prefer to go for SaaS model. Practices that choose to implement server based 800MEDIC EHR Software, have a choice to for this option.

Web based SaaS : Web based or SaaS continues to be a popular choice among medical practices today. For small to mid-sized practices and physicians on the go, the ability to securely access patient data from any computer, iPad, desktop, tablet or pocket PC is a must.

It provides mobility and also reduces deployment costs. Web-based EMR/EHR software, costs less in every way. No major computer hardware infrastructure, no additional software licenses for servers, security, backups etc. Also it is the easiest way to access your EMR software from anywhere and from any device.

Highest Level of Security : If you choose to implement web based 800MEDIC service, your data is very very secure. For data transmission the communication uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which are cryptographic protocols designed to provide communication security over the Internet. These use X.509 certificates and or asymmetric cryptography to authenticate the counterparty with whom they are communicating, and to exchange a symmetric key. This session key is then used to encrypt data flowing between the parties. This allows for data/message confidentiality and integrity. Data is stored on secure servers with advanced and expensive firewall technologies. With secure web computing environment available today, it provides an extremely scalable and highly reliable platform that enables users to work with peace of mind that their data is secure and belongs to them.

800MEDIC web based EHR is affordable and requires low monthly fees that can be accounted as monthly expenses instead of sizeable capital expenditure

800MEDIC EMR/EHR Serves Solo/Small/Mid-Sized/Enterprise Practices

800MEDIC is an EMR/EHR System that serves solo, small, mid-sized and enterprise practices. We understand that every practice is unique, which is why we provide fully customized solutions designed to meet the needs of all practices. The extensive features offered for solo, small and mid-sized practices allow easy configuration.

800MEDIC offers Full Configuration , Implementation & Training Services

Realizing the diverse or specific needs of all small and mid-sized practices, 800MEDIC EHR Solution offers custom configuration to meet your specific needs.
Our comprehensive EMR implementation services will ensure that not only various templates are customized in accordance with the requirements of your practice, we will also configure the EMR to match the workflow in your practice.
To educate physicians and staff members about your new EHR system, we assign a Implementation Specialist to guide the provider through the system administration, management, and training processes. We also have an online Resource Center to provide technical support via phone, email, and online chat.