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One enterprise platform to seamlessly facilitate patient care while
handling business management processes between
Providers, Payers & Government


Critical Care

Post Care

Revenue Cycle Management

Facility Management & Administration

Patient Enquiries &
Relationship Management

Medicworks Medical Leads to Capturing System brings the enquiries from needy patients to you....

It further provides you, tools to engage and respond to them, leading to appointment confirmations.......


Medicworks easy and intelligent, "Practice Management System" streamlines the workflow and makes the consultation and patient care an intelligent & fast process. Provides the patient medical records at the point of care for quick and collaborative decisions.

Medicworks relieves the clinician from many secondary tasks like the insurance, billing and other administrative tasks as well.


Comprehensive Practice Management System

Medical Device
Interfacing and Integration

Medicworks uses its inbuilt HL7 engine for integrating Radiology Modalities (RIS/PACS), LAB Analyzers (LIS) and other devices.

Medicworks Internet of Things (IoT) technology helps interoperability of smart appliances, sensors, controllers, wearable, and medical devices.

Medicworks extends connectivity beyond the "conventional" Internet of computers, smart phones, and tablets.


Medicworks in-built communication platform helps doctor and patient to effectively communicate throughout the continuum of care, leading to better outcomes of the treatment....


Patient - Doctor- Patient

Health Insurance Compliance
& Management

Medicworks is compliant with health insurance regulations and easily adapts to health insurance plans and pricings prevailing in different regions...


Medicworks revenue cycle management system gives you control on the revenue cycle triad: People, Technology & Processes..

Medicworks starts from capturing the Insurance Data, e.g., Patient Insurance Plan, Eligibility & Verification, Claim Pre-Authorization, Charge and Code, Correct Medical Billing, Co-Payments & Deductibles. The efficient tools for Medical Claims Scrubbing, Filing e-Claims, Reimbursement for the Services Rendered, Manage Denials, Collection etc., lead to maximizing the claims in least possible time.


Revenue Cycle Management

Medicworks Mission

Digitally Enabled Healthcare Eco-System
For a Healthy, Happy & Safe Living

The End - to - End
Scalable Healthcare Facility Management Platform

Medicworks is a comprehensive & centralized system for managing the healthcare facilities located in one or those spread over different locations.

It provides an integrated system workflow seamlessly to manage the EMR, IPD, ADT, RCM, Pharmacy, CSSD, Diet & Pantry, Stores & Inventory, Accounts & Finance, HR, CRM etc.,

All critical activities of the healthcare facility are monitored & managed efficiently by Medicworks.


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