Patient Enquiries & Relationship Management

Enquiry Management System (For Doctors)

eMS is a tool for the doctors or healthcare providers for receiving global patient enquiries, managing these enquiries and communicating with those patients.

eMS is connected to a Global Patient Enquiry Network. The enquiries are from patients who themselves or someone in their household suffer from a particular medical condition and need special treatment. eMS collects the enquiries and passes them to the listed doctors or healthcare providers.

The enquiring patients wish to find the right doctor to treat them, from a pool of medical specialist located locally or globally who are listed in the eMS network directories. They wish to make an informed decision instead of deciding on hearsay.

eMS lists the providers profile in a network of more than 15 leading local and global directories. The enquiring patients may need more information on their ability to provide the treatment, price and facilities they are looking for, medical equipment, herbal supplements, medication, or prescription offers related to their ailment.

eMS passes on these queries to the listed doctors who can then follow up with the enquiring patients. eMS has the tools for following up, until the enquiry matures or reaches a conclusive end.

eMS works great for generating inbound ailment leads by using proactive communication.

Providers don’t have to go through the trouble of buying medical leads and use direct mail or telemarketing, eMS does all the work. All medical lead calls are listed for follow up and verification purposes.

Patient Leads Filter Funnel

What eMS give to the doctor/ healthcare provider:
  • Listing in large number of Online Medical Directories. (All directories are powered by powerful search engines)
  • Directory listing and profile page.
  • A Lead Follow Up and Analysis Tool
  • A List of New Leads
  • Follow Up action form , Reminder List
  • Patient Registration Form
  • Chief Complaint Form & Vital Sign Form
  • Appointment Calendar
Value Proposition

With GleMS one can start a methodical sales process with a leads generation engine. The sales can go up manifold by using it.

Leads Data
  • User defined key data fields in lead enquiry to capture meaningful lead information
  • GLeMS creates sales processes and connect the leads to your sales department
  • It provides the lead information in a consolidated tabular format.
  • More steps can be added by you to customize your sales process
Analysis & Lead Qualification
  • Lead Analysis and Qualification based on user definable parameters like budget, lead quality, interest level or other variables
  • User definable priority criteria in lead form.
  • Leads from emails and web forms are routed to the sales or to sales groups
  • View lead progress by individuals or categories.
  • Leads from sales / marketing campaigns are automatically tracked throughout the entire sales cycle.


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